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Most businesses today have their own websites and the reason they have those sites is hopefully find new customers but that isn’t always easy to achieve. Having a website is one thing but having a website which gets visited regularly and by a lot of visitors is something else entirely. Fortunately though there are websites like that can transform a business’s website from one which gets hardly any visitors to one which gets plenty, all of who of course, are potential new customers.

The website and others like it are owned by SEO experts and it is those experts which can increase your business’s visibility online. How they do this is by applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the site. There are several SEO strategies used to day and although currently keywords are the most popular, applying SEO to social media sites continues to gain in popularity.

The use of keywords is when you apply certain key words or phrases to a website’s text. What these keywords then do is disrupt a search engine’s routine and they do that by attracting the engine’s attention whilst it comprises a list of hundreds of websites in response to an online search. As the engine is distracted by the keywords, it places the site where the keywords come from, on the top of its list. This means that the website with the keywords will probably be of only a few from the list which actually get looked at.

Social media is today, perhaps the main reason most people go online and so that means there are an amazing number of people on social media sites. All of these visitors to the social media sites are, or at least could be, potential future customers and so any business which wants to succeed, most have access to these potential customers. Fortunately the SEO specialists are experts in getting a business website on to social media sites and perhaps more importantly, are also experts in showing you how your website can receive the most likes. Why getting likes is important for a business website is because it has been shown that ‘friends’ are 4 times more likely to become customers than those which aren’t friends.

A website today is the modern marketing tool and so is rapidly replacing radio and TV ads and even ads in the local newspapers. Although some social sites are global in nature, there are still many which are local and it are these local social media sites which local businesses should get on and make their presence known. These local social media sites then replace the local newspapers and the global social media sites are replacing the TV ads. Of course though, it is one thing to get people to visit your site and something else to get those visitors to become customers. SEO specialists, by designing your website can also help this situation. A professional website designer will ensure that your website is interesting and therefore appealing to most visitors.

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